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Vegan Cream Cheese Alternatives for Bagel Lovers

If you love bagels, you know that cream cheese is generally the main attraction. Bagels and cream cheese add a creamy texture and rich flavor that foodies love. Even though there is no doubt that cream cheese and bagel is a perfect combo, it’s also known that traditional cream cheese is high in fat content and animal proteins. This factor may not align with everyone’s health goals. On the other hand, low-fat cream cheese also doesn’t necessarily offer a healthier alternative. There is good news for vegan cream cheese alternatives for bagel lovers. 

Plant-based eating has produced many tasty and healthful cream cheese substitutes. These vegan versions are delicious and have health benefits that dairy products lack. However, even these whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) choices with healthy fats should be eaten in moderation. Some vegan cream cheese options have less fat than typical cream cheese, but they should still be eaten carefully.

Several variations replicate classic cream cheese in flavor and texture, making them popular. These alternatives let bagel lovers enjoy their favorite snack without dairy, promoting healthy eating without sacrificing taste. Let us explore these exciting and health-conscious bagels that are changing how we eat them.

Vegan Cream Cheese Alternatives for Bagel Lovers

Some of the vegan cream cheese alternatives for bagel lovers are mentioned below. You may not know about most of them.

Sour Cream

Sour CreamSour cream is a fantastic option for a lower-calorie replacement because it tastes similar to cream cheese but has fewer calories. It lends an airy, moist texture to baked goods and even gives cheesecake a hint of more creaminess. In recipes, you can use the same amount of sour cream in place of cream cheese.

Greek Yogurt

Greek YogurtGreek yogurt not only has the same distinct tart flavors as cream cheese, but it also has a lot of protein, calcium, and vitamin B12. Also, you can effortlessly modify the dish’s richness according to the type of Greek yogurt you use. For instance, full-fat yogurt or even 10% fat would have a creamier texture than nonfat yogurt. When using Greek yogurt as a substitute, use the 1:1 ratio.


NeufchâtelNeufchâtel is the flavor that comes the closest to resembling cream cheese you can find. The soft cheese with a slightly crumbly texture was first produced in Normandy, France; however, it is also manufactured in the United States.

While American Neufchâtel is made using milk instead of cream, it has a fat level that is one-third less than that of cream cheese. Traditional Neufchâtel is made with cream. All you have to do is substitute in the Neufchâtel at a 1:1 ratio.


MascarponeCream cheese and mascarpone, an Italian cheese prepared from heavy cream plus citric or tartaric acid, are comparable in flavor and texture. The only real differences between the two spreadable cheeses are that one is slightly sweeter and has almost twice as much fat. Mascarpone should be used in the same proportion as cream cheese.

Silken Tofu

Silken TofuFor those needing a vegan alternative to cream cheese, silken tofu is a good option because it does not alter the flavor of the food you are preparing. There is already a lot of demand for silken tofu in vegan dishes, particularly dairy-free cheesecakes and custardy sweets like pumpkin pies.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage CheeseCompared to cream cheese, cottage cheese has less fat. But because of its chunkier texture, you might wish to purée it first, then proceed with the recipe. You can add some heavy cream or half-and-half to enhance thickness while baking or cooking with cottage cheese.


HummusAlthough the flavor of hummus and cream cheese are not identical, the texture of hummus is comparable to that of cream cheese, which makes it an excellent cream cheese substitute in a pinch. This is especially true if you are searching for a dairy-free or vegan alternative. When it comes to substitutions for cream cheese, hummus is most effective when used in savory dips.


QuarkGerman cheese quark has a creamier texture and tangier flavor than cream cheese because it’s from buttermilk and rich whipping cream. Imagine it as a hybrid of yogurt and cream cheese. The recipe may need to be adjusted for the increased sour flavor, but you can use the same amount of quark.

Cashew Cheese

Cashew CheeseCashew cheese is a spreadable cheese composed of cashews, water, nutritional yeast, and seasonings; it’s another vegan option. It is available at some conventional supermarkets with a larger vegan department or at specialty stores. To replace cream cheese with cashew cheese, use a 1:1 ratio.

Make Your Own Cream Cheese

By combining yogurt and kosher salt, you can produce your cream cheese immediately if you do not require cream cheese and can wait a few days. Although most Chefs like sheep’s milk yogurt,  you can use cow’s milk yogurt instead.

Proceeding Towards the End

Vegan cream cheese alternatives for bagel lovers show a delicious culinary world where health and flavor coexist. These plant-based bagel options meet the growing demand for vegan and health-conscious diets and provide a new taste level. These vegan options make enjoying a creamy, tasty bagel inclusive with various textures and flavors.

Whether vegan or just trying to eat healthier, these plant-based cream cheese options prove you can enjoy taste without sacrificing health. Spread vegan cream cheese on your next bagel and enjoy this guilt-free treat.

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